You've stumbled upon the personal homepage of Ryan Nelson.

Actual content could, conceivably, appear here soon!

(if you’ve literally stumbled here, you can just go away, and don’t look for anything soon.)

Stuff I was overheard muttering about:

  • MUCH of the info here is outdated (new job, new city, etc...). Updates coming soon!.
  • I admit to having a blog.
  • The frequently-asked question: "can I get a 'ryan.net' email address?"
  • remember, when in doubt, "always mount a scratch monkey".
  • Ryan’s PGP key (super strong crypto)
  • running stuff:
  • Last year, I followed the Couch-to-5k plan, and now I run around 10 miles a week. I track my runs with the Nike+ system, and publish them with slowgeek.com here:

    my most recent run:
    [running graphs are disabled currently, as http://slowgeek.com is currently broken, due to Nike's recent API change. I'll fix this sometime, probably.]

People and things I like, and therefore link to:

My Better Half

Our Livestock

Where We Call Home

Pictures of my sportscar. On the internet. Yes, I’m gonna be that guy.

How I used to buy me some peanuts and crackerjack

My new favorite OS